A Beginner’s Guide To Great Hair

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Want great hair but don’t know where to start? This guide has got you covered.

Figure out your face shape

The shape of your noggin determines the type of haircut you should get. If you’ve got a particularly angular face, your hairstyle should round out those ages. If your face is a little rounder, your ‘do should add some definition and texture.

Square and rectangular faces suit a variety of styles, but particularly tight cuts that emphasise your square jawline. On the other hand, a soft, round face demands something short on the sides with plenty of volume on top — the pompadour, for example — to elongate the head and create some angles. A diamond face (i.e. tapering to a pointy chin) needs a haircut with soft lines to smooth out those angles, while pretty much any cut is adaptable to an oval face.


Choose the right haircut

If you’re a beginner, stick to the certain cuts that will never go out of style. The side part and the French crop are particularly versatile options (the crop is a good way of masking a receding hairline FYI), the Pompadour in on trend and perfect for round faces, a sleek slick back suits a rectangular face, and the no-fuss masculine buzz cut flatters a symmetrical face with a strong jawline.

Do some research before you head to the barber and come armed with photos of what you’re after. A picture tells a thousand words and Google is a wonderful tool, so whip out your phone and actually show the stylist what you’re looking for — it makes his job a lot easier. Stay open-minded to his suggestions, too — the bloke does this for a living, after all.


Take care of your mane

As soon as you’ve cut your new ‘do, purchase these two products: a bottle of conditioner, and a blow-dryer. Using conditioner in the shower moisturises your strands and retains that healthy shine, and although blow-drying can then dry them out, it’s very effective at forming wet hair into the shape you’re looking for.

Then there’s the question of product, which again depends on the style you’re after. Gel might be well known but beginners would do well to steer clear of this super-strong hold, super-strong shine product — clay is a better option for a strong hold with less shine. Pomade gives your Pompadour medium hold and plenty of shine, wax is similar, while styling cream is ideal for longer, more textured locks like curls,  providing a healthy shine with not much hold.