8 Devices Every Man Needs in His Grooming Cupboard

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One of each of these will see you leave home looking the business…

A quality razor

Let’s start with the obvious. Your equipment is the key to a clean shave, so don’t rely on a disposable $5 job from the supermarket — invest in a quality device for a smooth one-pass shave that won’t leave you nursing razor burn. And make sure you preserve the life of your blades by softening your stubble before shaving, rinsing it thoroughly, and drying it before putting it away.


Badger-hair shaving brush

Another must-have in your shaving routine. Boar hair brushes are more common and synthetic bristles are more affordable, but a genuine badger hair brush lathers the cream more quickly, retains more heat and water, and is softer against your face — a recipe for a smoother, more comfortable shave.


Beard trimmer

Sculpted beards are big this summer and a good electric shaver is essential to cultivating that stylish stubble, or rounding off the growth beneath your jaw. Also useful for all your manscaping needs . . . but if you’re planning on using a trimmer on your short and curlies, it might be worth investing in a second one for hygiene’s sake.



There’s a reason they’re called ‘eyebrows’, plural, not ‘eyebrow’ — so if you’re cultivating a caterpillar on your brow, it’s time to add a reinforce a few centimetres of separation between those big, bushy bad boys. The tool you need? Tweezers.



Nose and ear trimmer

Sure, there’s a place for your nose hair: inside your nostrils. Believe it or not, the hair up there actually serves a purpose: keeping dust particles out of your nose. But the minute your nasal follicles start wandering out of their holes, you start looking like a poorly groomed grandpa — and those strands are too painful to tweeze so invest in a trimmer, which can also take care of stray ear hairs.


Electric toothbrush

There are few bigger turn-offs than a gob leaking a chronic case of halitosis, so oral hygiene is paramount — and an electric toothbrush simply does a better job of brushing your teeth than a manual one, powerfully removing all the plaque that builds up along the gums and hides in your mouth’s nooks and crannies, fuelling stink breath. And don’t forget to floss, either.


Teeth-whitening pen

While we’re on dental care, a teeth-whitening pen — as the name ever-so-subtly hints — whitens your teeth by immediately removing stains with a layer of peroxide; perfect for a last-minute touch up before a first date or an important meeting. Much neater than messy strips and trays, too.


Fingernail clippers

Nothing says ‘nine-year-old boy who’s just been playing in the dirt’ like long, grimy fingernails that you clearly haven’t paid any attention to. Admirers notice the little things, and although fingernails are indeed a tiny detail, smartly clipped nails definitely win you grooming points.