5 Keys to Keeping Your Haircut Looking Fresh

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Men’s Style reveals five ways to maintain that salon-fresh feel for weeks after your cut.

Choose a cut that grows out smoothly

Sharp styles with rigid angled borders, tight buzz cuts, and intricate shaved lines all require regular trips to the barber to keep them looking sharp — but hairdos with more natural borders don’t look so scraggly when they go a while without a snip. A gentle fade with a tapered neckline, for example, grows out nice and gradually between cuts.


Style it right

Sure, blow-drying can strip moisture out of your hair, but it also makes it easier to control and style your mane when your locks get a bit longer. Clays with a strong matte finish are great at taming slightly shaggy hair, whereas weaker products struggle to hold a more voluminous crop, and wet products like waxes and gels are prone to looking greasy if you use too much of it in longer hair.


Shampoo sparingly

Using less product means you can also go longer between washes, avoiding that fluffy post-shampoo look. Shampoo frizzes your follicles by fraying their ends, so try and limit washes to two or three a week — applying coconut oil before shampooing also helps lock in moisture, as does conditioner post-wash, and dry shampoo can offset that greasy look if you’re washing less frequently.


Do it yourself?

Having a go with your clippers at home is fraught with danger — even just trying to tidy up a few strays on the back of your neck can ruin the neckline your barber cut so carefully. It’s much easier for him to perform a simple trim rather than a full-blown rescue mission, so step away from the scissors and leave it to the professionals.


Head back to the barber’s

The easiest way to keep your mane looking salon-fresh is to jump back in the chair ever four to six weeks, tidying up that fluffy look around your ears and neck to keep everything looking freshly cut at all times.