5 Essential Men’s Grooming Hacks

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Keep yourself in line and looking fine with these simple tips…

1, Say No To Snow

A heavy dusting of white powder is great if you’re headed to the snowfields but much less welcome if you’ve just raked your fingers through your hair and made your suit shoulders look like Perisher in July. Dandruff is simply small flakes of dead scalp skin and can be countered with your daily vigilance. Use a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo, preferably one containing piroctone olamine, which is gentler on the scalp. For more stubborn cases, use a tar-based shampoo. Other strategies include brushing your hair vigorously to dislodge dry skin and not subjecting your head to scorching hot shower water as it contributes to drying out the scalp. If you’re rocking really short hair, you can even apply moisturiser to your hair/scalp to keep it hydrated.


2. Nose Hair No-No’s

Nose hair has its place and that place is inside your nostrils. That’s where it helps to filter out harmful particles in the air and keep you healthy. But once hair starts erupting below the nostril line it’ll only make you look like some sort of fairy-tale troll. But plucking those nasty nostril strays isn’t the way to go. It’s eye-wateringly painful and losing those hairs entirely lowers your resistance to airborne infection as well as being a cause of painful in-nostril pimples. Instead, shell out for a battery-operated nose-hair trimmer. They’re easy to use, safe and will keep your nostril hair at a nice healthy length.


3. It’s Eyebrows, Plural

Unless you’re romancing Frida Kahlo, there are few things women love less than a gent with one big hair caterpillar over his eyes. Fortunately, ensuring you keep your eyebrows separated isn’t difficult — and you shouldn’t have to be reminded: they’re staring you right in the face in the bathroom mirror every morning. You can deal with a monobrow by tweezing, shaving, waxing or using a hair-removal solution. Shaving is probably the easiest option but to ensure you get good results and don’t end up with less eyebrow than you want, invest in an eyebrow touch up razor, available from beauty stores and chemist. Remember your eyebrows should frame your eyes, so don’t go overboard.


4. Banish Death Breath

Getting caught in a gust of rancid guy breath is one of life’s most miserable experiences. To ensure you’re not guilty of gut-churning exhalations ensure you pay attention to your dental hygiene, which means brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. Keep a spare toothbrush and toothpaste in your desk drawer at work and use whenever necessary. You can also easily keep fresh with chewing gum, mints or freshening sprays. Use these strategies after a big night — particularly if said big night finished with a garlicky kebab — and whenever coffee, alcohol or spicy foods are consumed.


5. Razor Burn

All your efforts at looking sharp with a close shave can be wasted if you wind up with a neck, chin and cheeks that appear to have been sandpapered. Eliminating razor burn simply takes patience and preparation. First, ensure you’re using a sharp razor. That means replacing your  blade cartridge regularly. Second, help yourself out by softening your facial hair before you shave. That can mean shaving after a shower or applying a hot wet towel to your face before you get start. Third, lather well with a good quality shaving cream or gel that includes hydrating moisturisers. Fourht, take your time and rinse your razor frequently. Lastly, splash your face with cold water to shock the pores into closing and gently but generously apply a moisturiser.