10 Styles of Moustache To Rock this Movember

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Half-way through Movember – the fund-raising charity for men’s health issues that requires all participants to grow a mo’ – we offer the classic ways to style that new growth on the top lip.

The Tom Selleck

Meet the moustache other mo’s wish they were. This simple style is known as the chevron but Magnum PI made it his own, with this voluminous ‘tache hugging the top of the lip.


The Dennis Lillee

Australia’s closest relative to the Selleck, our greatest ever fast bowler sported this standout stash in an era when facial hair was a compulsory companion of the baggy green. These days, though, can you spot a single whisker in this sorry bunch misfiring cricketers? No. Coincidence? We think not.


The Merv Hughes

Another in the beloved moustachioed fast bowlers cartel, Merv’s mo’ terrified batsmen — and that’s just because they thought creepy-crawlies were breeding in it.


The Charlie Chaplin

The silent movie star made the toothbrush style popular in the 1930s — until some lunatic in Germany hijacked it (thanks a lot, Adolf). Shave it a little thinner and you’ve got a Robert Mugabe on your lip, not that he’s much of an improvement.


The Che Guevara

A favourite of blokes with thin, wispy whiskers and a healthy contempt for the failings of capitalism. Grow it out for a couple of months if you want to graduate to the Ho Chi Minh.


The Freddie Mercury

Who would the Queen frontman have been without his white singlet, yellow jacket, and iconic chevron framing his buck teeth?


The Salvador Dali

A structure so tall it requires council permission and an industrial quantity of wax to mimic the gravity-defying surrealist painter.


The Orlando Bloom

Perfect for a man going for that unemployed uni student, ‘I just got out of bed 30 minutes ago to collect my Centrelink payment’ vibe.


The Brad Pitt

Brad’s pencil moustache — grown while he was scalpin’ Nazis in Inglourious Basterds — paid homage to Errol Flynn, reinventing a vintage classic. Shame Angelina got sick of its tickle.


The Albert Einstein

Probably a stretch to cultivate a full-on bushy soup strainer in the month of Movember. Works well with unkempt hair and unbridled genius.


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