10 Foods That Are Good For Your Hair

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What you eat can affect how thick and lustrous your locks are… really.

You can thank genetics for a lot of your hair — if your dad’s as hirsute as Homer Simpson, you mightn’t be looking forward to a magnificent mane later in life. But your diet is one thing you can control if you want to improve the health of your follicles, so here are 15 of the best foods you can pile into your pantry.


You mightn’t be able to afford a house if you load up on avocados, but at least you’ll have strong hair because avos are loaded with a vitamin B called biotin that strengthens hair and fingernails.


Eggs are packed full of the same stuff, which prevents your hair from going brittle and weak. Whole grains are another rich source of biotin.

White meat

In fact, protein is literally what hair is made of, so eggs and white meat (fish, chicken, and turkey) are kind of important.


Popeye didn’t exactly have flowing locks but he should have, because spinach — as well as all leafy greens — contains iron, preventing the mineral deficiency that causes hair loss.


Foods rich in vitamin C — berries and citrus fruits, in particular — assist the absorption of iron, so add some blueberries to your spinach (preferably in different dishes, for the sake of your taste buds).

Greek yoghurt

You don’t see too many of those old Athenian statues without a healthy crop of hair, because they were all chowing down on Greek yoghurt full of vitamin B5, which increases blood flow to the scalp.


We’re not sure they help you see in the dark but carrots — as well as other orange veggies like pumpkin and sweet potato — are loaded with vitamin A, a key ingredient in sebum, the natural hair oil that gives your follicles a healthy sheen.


Omega-3 is another contributor to scalp oil, and the body cannot produce this fatty acid on its own — so you need to tuck into oily fish like salmon or trout as well as nuts and seeds to get your fill.


Nuts are also packed full of vitamin E, which acts like sunscreen for your strands, protecting it from sun damage.


The Aussie favourite is packed full of folic acid, which boosts the supply of red blood cells and oxygen to the scalp (and aids the creation of healthy sperm, if you’re concerned about your virility).