You Could Own Nike’s ‘Back To The Future’ Self-Lacing Kicks

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A pair of Back to the Future self-lacing Nikes are available in an online ballot.

Ever dreamt about owning your own pair of self-lacing Nike Air MAG trainers, just like Back To The Future‘s Marty McFly? Well, here’s your chance.

Twelve months after Nike delivered their first pair of fully functional Mags to Michael J Fox, and more than three decades after the self-lacing shoes first appeared in Back to the Future II, the iconic trainers are available to the public.

There’s a sensor in each sole that responds to pressure from the foot by activating the motor-powered laces, and tightness can be adjusted by buttons around the ankles. The glowing soles can also be switched on and off.

The sportswear giant has been working on the high-tech kicks since 2005 and also incorporated the “adaptive lacing technology” in their HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers released in March. Gimmick or not, the futuristic power laces look pretty damn cool.

Nike has produced 89 pairs of Mags to raise money for Fox’s charity for Parkinson’s disease, which the legendary actor was diagnosed with aged just 29. Nike has raised almost $10 million for the cause since 2011.

The shoes will be available through a ballot, which costs US$10 (AU$13) to enter — and if you’re really keen to get your hands on the cutting-edge trainers, you can buy as many entries as you like.

Get moving, the ballot closes on October 11 and the winners will be drawn on October 17.

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