Which Wallet Should You Choose?

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What should you go for in these days of Paywave?

The days of a Rip Curl acrylic wallet with a Velcro tab are long gone. But having a bulging and worn out leather number isn’t any more stylish or convenient, especially when many of our transactions are these days done with the wave of a card. But a wallet is still necessary – and should be a stylish accessory. Here are the designs to consider.

1. Bi-Fold

This is your traditional leather wallet, which folds in half, fitting neatly into a jacket or trouser pocket. The main pocket holds cash, while each side is lined with pockets to fit cards and/or a clear plastic fronted sleeve for ID. What you also want is a small pocket that can be snapped shut to hold coins. While eminently practical, bi-fold wallets can be a little dull and do tempt you to bulk them up with every card and/or receipt you have. Keep them slim with regularly culls. Also: think about how many cards you need with you day to day. Anything else: leave at home.


2. Check wallet

Long and thin, these are also called a “breast pocket wallet” and they immediately lift your style game. Producing one and sliding cash out without unfolding the wallet looks very smooth. Like a bi-fold, they have an array of card slots, accessed by opening the wallet. Catch is they need to slip into the front pocket of a jacket or coat. Great for winter, not so much in summer. But consider buying one of these bad boys and swapping around with a bi-fold seasonally.


3. Tri-fold

As the name implies, these wallets open out both ways from the centre, offering more storage, often including a clear plastic slot for driver’s license and a pocket with zippers for coins. They’re great for travelling, when you might want to have more options, but can be unnecessarily bulky for everyday business use.


4. Card Wallet

For the minimalist, these designs, such as SLIMplistic and many of the major luxury brands, are slightly bigger than a credit card. Some have a leather front and elastic backing, some are all leather, so your cards and a bit of cash are protected and easily accessed. The downside is they don’t hold a lot.


5. Wallet Band

Know those American movies where a gangster pulls out his “roll” of cash? These are a bit like that and for the ultimate minimalist. Bascially it’s a stylish elastic loop that’ll hold your cash and cards together. Nice idea and especially good for contactless transactions, such as Paywave or transport cards. The downside? Pulling a card or cash out can be finicky and risks spilling everything else.


6. Hard case

Led by brand Jimi, these designs are little plastic cases that flip open, clip shut and can be attached to a lanyard. They’re durable, water resistant and offer superior protection for your cards. As they don’t bend and bulge, they’ll also automatically limit how much your can stuff into them. The downside is they’re not hugely stylish and don’t offer the easy organisation of a bifold or check wallet.