Which Fashion Tribe Do You Belong To?

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Influential NYC style guru reckons all men fit into one of five tribes…

As a creative ambassador for Barneys New York, Simon Doonan knows a thing or two about men’s fashion.

But now the style commentator has claimed that all blokes can be squeezed into one of five fashion “tribes”.

In online journal Slate, Doonan claims: “I guarantee that you, the ordinary man in the street, will fit comfortably into one of these categories.”

So what are they?

  • The Perverse Prepster, which he describes as the “Ralph-Lauren-hits-the-psych-ward” look that’s rapidly edging out the tired stylings of Brooklyn hipsters. The Perverse Prepster, Doonan writes, will usually be found wearing a conservative preppy outfit given a quirkier edge via an eye-catching accessory or hair style. “Keep in mind that there is a fine line between edgy and bonkers,” he cautions. “An untrimmed monobrow might be just add the right soupçon of perversity, whereas shaving off one eyebrow and dying the remaining one cerise, might not.”

fashion tribes

  • The Statham tribe comprises gents who are “carefully rough around the edges”. Named for tough-guy Brit actor, these fellas have cross-fit bodies, shaved heads, plenty of tatts, owns stacks of James Perse T-shirts, wear V-necked sweaters, aviator sunnies and Rag & Bone jeans in navy or black. The bummer is that Stathams are “frequently mistaken for ruthless sex traffickers or Moldovan hit men”.

fashion tribes

  • Then there’s also the… Arty Ninja (“samurai-meets–hip-hop”), the Dedicated Followers of Satin (“rock-inspired glam-slam”) and The Schlub (guys who don’t seem to give a damn, like Seth Rogen and Jack Black).


You really should read the whole five-part article for all the very incisive and frequently hilarious details.

When you’re done, let us know where you think you fit… if anywhere.