Which Colour Suit Should You Buy?

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Men don’t have that many choices but it’s helpful to know which shade of suit best matches your day-to-day needs.

Navy blue

If you only have one suit in your wardrobe, make sure it’s navy blue. The hue suits every completion, every occasion, and every accessory — navy provides a neutral backdrop to accessorise with bright colours like a flashy pocket square or loud socks, as well as more daring shirt and tie combinations. There’s nothing wrong with a classic white button-down but navy is the perfect canvas for a soft pink shirt or other bright, playful colours.



Similarly versatile as navy for its ability to pair easily with various skin types, shirt colours, and occasions. There’s hardly a single event where you couldn’t carry off a nice charcoal number, although lighter shades of grey are certainly less formal, and conducive to patterns like herringbone and windowpane because the light colour amplifies the visibility of the design. A mature and sophisticated colour that can be dressed up or down with any number of suit and tie combos, as well as brown and black leather.



Not as adaptable as navy or grey because it doesn’t suit all skin types — you need a dark complexion otherwise black washes you out — nor all occasions — black only works at very formal events like black tie weddings, otherwise you risk rocking up to work looking like you’re about to duck out at lunch for a quick funeral. Should always be paired with a white shirt and monochromatic tie, and left out of the office in favour of grey or navy.



Not a bad colour to have sitting in your wardrobe for the warmer, more casual summer months, pairing nicely with pastel hues as well as a classic white buttoned shirt. Cotton khaki also goes nicely with shades of blue, which complement the warm hue of the tan suit, but is undeniably casual — same goes for deeper chocolate hues, which should be restricted to less formal occasions.



Certainly draws attention . . . just not always in a good way. Worn well, on the right occasion and with the right accessories, the white suit makes a very strong statement about your innate cool. Just ensure it doesn’t look like a novelty suit from some dodgy tailor in Bangkok for 700 Baht.