What Your Shoes Say About You

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What you put on your feet give others an abiding first impression about you.


A stylish brogue is a dead giveaway that a man knows his fashion — the staple of a guy with a wardrobe full of well-cut suits and racks of classic shoes to match.



You either ride a motorbike, look like an extra on Romper Stomper, or both. Unlaced boots with your jeans tucked in is so 2011, but Chelsea boots, on the other hand, are a slimline classic that will never go out of style.


Square toes

The cardinal sin of men’s footwear — if your shoes looks like they’ve been designed with a set square, turf them. Square-toed formal shoes should be reserved from McDonald’s managers and B-grade celebrities at the Logies in 1997. See also: white leather shoes.



Suede with tassels or leather with a rounded toe, a sleek pair of loafers is what your sharp-suited boss wears on casual occasions.


High tops

Flashy trainers are the go-to option for men who follow too many NBA players on Instagram, and harbour delusions they can pull off the same style. It’s not they they don’t work, they just have to suit your own vibe — purple Adidas with a neon green trim don’t pair well with chinos and a white cotton shirt.


Trendy runners

The mark of a man with contemporary tastes, who wants to look sharp at the gym and also pair his Nike Free Runs with casual wear without falling into the ‘sneans’ trap.


Monk strap

Premium dress shoes that communicate bucketloads of confidence, monk straps are a favourite of the young corporate warrior donning a pinstripe to the office — and wants to let you know he earns enough to drop four figures on his footwear.



Unless you work for an advertising agency, don’t pair them with long trousers. Thongs should be confined to your backyard and a 500m radius of the beach.



The sign of a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously and nor does anyone else, slip-on canvas shoes are the calling card of fashion Peter Pans who refuse to grow up.


Boat shoes

These kicks have a reputation for being the preserve of private school hoooray Henrys and are routinely spotted accompanying a pastel pink Ralph Lauren polo and daddy’s Amex… but in fact are super comfortable and super versatile.