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What Does Your Jacket Say About You?

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Your choice of jacket can be a reflection of your status, your personality… it’s that important!


You’re pioneering new country and you don’t need to be weighed down by anything more than your North Face, your GPS watch, and your camelback water bottle.


Retro sports jacket

You’re either a vintage tennis aficionado with posters of John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg plastered all over your bedroom wall, or a football hooligan on your way to Millwall away.


Bomber jacket

You know what you’re doing with your casual wear by rocking this on-trend, versatile number.

14_160715_MENSSTYLE_menofstyle_0876-copyFur coat

You’re keen on that whole ‘Russian oil oligarch’ aesthetic.


Duffel coat

You’re that old codger who’s been downing pints in the corner of the local since 1977 . . . or an inner-city hipster who’s trying to channel that vibe. Paddington Bear’s signature look.


Top coat

You’re mature, presidential, and know that this is the only jacket that’s acceptable to wear over a suit.


Winter coats

Trench coat

You’re an 18th Century private detective… for the 21st Century. An endlessly versatile piece.



You need enough pockets to fit your wallet, phone, keys, map, compass, torch, sleeping bag, camp stove, and two weeks of rations. Camouflage print and fur neck for bonus Bear Grylls points.


Pea coat

You’re a man who knows the value of classic staples in your wardrobe, and you’ll be wearing this timeless winter favourite with confidence for the next three decades.


Leather jacket

You either own a Harley, or you wish you did. And you’re hard as nails, or you wish you were.


Quilted jacket

Mumsy’s credit card bought you this Barbour. Tally ho, old boy, catch you at the polo on Saturday?


Harrington jacket

You idolise Steve McQueen . . . and fair enough, too.


Down jacket

Style’s not a priority — but warmth is. See also: sports jackets. Because fashion takes a back seat when you need the world to know how much you love your mighty Sharkies!