What Are The Perfect Shoes To Wear With Shorts?

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The weather’s warming up and it’s time to invest in some new shorts… and the shoes that go with them.

Tailored shorts

Chinos shorts are easily dressed down with a T-shirt at the beach or dressed up with a blazer at a smart-casual do — and if you’re going for that more formal look, you need a shoe to match. Leather Oxfords and Derbies in more laid-back colours than black or on-point brown brogues and boat shoes are standard go-to’s, but our favourite choice is a suede loafer or driving shoe in a bold hue with high contrast stitching. Oh, and ditch the socks — buy some invisible shoe liners to keep your feet dry.

Board shorts

You’re not heading off to one of those summer garden parties with a blazer partnering your swim shorts, so you can slide into some more relaxed footwear. Flip-flops are fine for the beach but the moment you wander into a poolside bar or cafe you’d want something a little smarter — leather sliders, the classic two-strap Birkenstock, an elaborate weave sandal, or canvas slip-ons, for instance. Colours can be fairly muted — let the pink floral pattern on your boardies enjoy the limelight.

Athletic shorts

As the athleisure trend rages on, you can’t walk a block without spotting stylish blokes in sports shorts paired with luxury designer trainers. Breathable mesh technical runners in neutral tones like black, white, and grey with comfortable nylon shorts is the height of gym chic while those ubiquitous Adidas slip-ons go well, too.

Denim shorts

Denim cut-offs are a grungier, more urban choice of short — they’re not going with a pastel polo and a smart pair of espadrilles with an Aperol Spritz at a beachside bar — so the accompanying footwear needs to reflect that. Black Vans canvas sneakers, high-top Converse, or chunkier skate shoes all suit the denim vibe, especially if they make a bold statement through colour. Your reliable bright white sneakers also go nicely.