What are ‘Dry Steppers’, and do you need them?

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If the thought of exposing your $500 Yeezys to the elements causes you heart palpitations, then this is the product for you.

Sneaker heads can now keep their pride and joy shielded from the wet with Dry Steppers, a water-resistant slip-on shoe guard designed to repel rain and mud, made of heavy-duty non-rip plastic with zip guards and toggles around the ankles to defend your footwear from the elements. Put simply, they’re a raincoat for your sneakers.

But this isn’t the naff yellow rain jacket you’d stuff in your backpack for drizzly days at primary school. Just so everyone knows what the opaque plastic products are protecting, Dry Steppers are produced with illustrations of some of the planet’s hottest sneakers etched into the bag itself.

Some of the iconic sneakers that feature as graphics include the Adidas NMD, Nike’s Bred Air Jordans, and Yeezy Boost 350 and 750, as well as a plain clear option in case your kicks aren’t quite that cool.

“But it won’t matter how fresh my trainers look when I tumble over in these slippery plastic contraptions,” we hear you protest. Well, rest assured that Dry Steppers come with a durable, tactile rubber sole that grips to wet and muddy surfaces, plus concrete and gravel (just not wet wooden floors) . . . so they’re much safer than just tying a couple of supermarket plastic bags around your ankles.

Dry Steppers go for US$20 ($AU$25) — a pretty reasonable insurance policy if your kicks are worth more than some people’s cars. Check out drysteppers.com for more details.