Wear Plaid without Looking Like a Lumberjack

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Gucci Fall-Winter 2016

Plaid has been a strong trend in menswear the past year but you need to know some basics to wear it with confidence.

Plaid. noun
Any fabric woven of differently colored yarns in a crossbarred pattern.


Not just shirts

Plaid has been plastered across runways this Northern Hemisphere autumn on plenty of other garments than simply shirts. Jackets, blazers, suits, socks, bags pants and even footwear have shown off the checked pattern, but…

Avoid heavy fabrics

Nothing screams ‘I shop at Lowes’ more than a thick flannel shirt. The extra bulk isn’t flattering on anyone’s body and will leave you looking like a lumberjack, or that old bloke at the pub who’s assembled his outfit for 10 bucks at an op shop.



A full-on tartan suit might not be your cup of tea and it takes a brave man to wear plaid-on-plaid, so if you’re unsure try just adding a splash of checkered fabric to your outfit. A plaid scarf or bag can complement your attire perfectly.



A plaid shirt over a solid tee — especially a simple black or white — or under a single-colour jacket is always a solid staple to keep in your wardrobe. Pair muted colours with louder, bolder patterns.

Mix up your colours

Red and dark blue is a common combination, but there’s a variety of patterns and colours to explore. But remember, if the colours are noisy, the pattern should be smaller — and if the hues are more subdued, opt for a bigger pattern like a windowpane check.

Bally Autumn Winter 2016