Ultimate Gadget Jacket

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Now you can take it all with you…

“PowearIN.20 Modular Multipurpose Travel Jacket” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but this is an item of hi-tech clothing every 21st century adventurer needs.

The PowerIN.20 is tough, all-weather and ruggedly stylish outerwear that boasts an ingenious design allowing you to add 20+ pockets/pouches to suit your needs.


Need a spot for a windproof mouth mask? No worries. Same goes with spaces expressly designed to hold and protect your phone, tablet, pens, glasses, wallet, credit cards, power band and much more. There are also convenient ports for keys and earphones.

The PowerIn2.0 is machine washable, comes in a range of colours and styles and is water-repellent thanks to Teflon DWR lining.


As the man used to say in the American Express ads: don’t leave home without it.

The PowerIn2.0 debuts in October 2016.

Discounted pre-orders can be had by contributing to their Kickstarter now.