Top tips to Store Your Winter Clothes Over Summer

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It’s time for your jumpers and jackets to go into hibernation — but not before you follow these clothing care tips.

Spring cleaning

You’ve just had six months to wear that knit cardigan and you haven’t touched it once? Now is the perfect time to turf it. Storing clothes for summer presents a great chance to examine your winter wardrobe — if it wasn’t in your regular rotation all season, don’t bother keeping it around for 2017.

Mothball the mothballs

Unless you want your wardrobe — and all its contents — to pong like your grandmother’s house, then toss those musky old mothballs in the bin. Protect your clothes from moth bites with air-tight containers, or natural alternatives like packets of lavender or mint.

Clean your clothes before you store them

Wash your winter clothes before you store them, and you’ll thank yourself next autumn. It’s worth the effort to prevent subtle stains from sinking in, attracting bugs and producing a mighty musk while in storage. Same goes for your winter boots, which need a good polish before you put them away.

Fold everything

You won’t touch your heavy jackets until next April at the earliest and six months is a long time for a garment to sit on a coat hanger, warping the fabric out of shape. Fold all your clothes up and store them in plastic tubs — heaviest coats on the bottom, lightest jumpers and thermals on the top.


Take care with containers

Don’t toss your garments in a dirty bin (duh), but make sure there’s no lingering moisture if you’ve just washed a container — that’s rolling out the red carpet for mould. Plastic containers do the trick for pretty much everything besides your delicates, which should be wrapped gently in tissue paper.