Tie One On – In 3D?

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When it comes to neckwear, technology still can’t trump tradition to make something that looks good.

Bold statement neckties are a risky business.

For a while there in the 1980s, men were getting around in ultra-thin ties. Then, briefly, novelty prints were in fashion, with fellas flaunting cartoon characters beneath their collars.

Now new American company 3DTie is throwing caution to the wind by marketing tactile neckwear. Their ties are made of out biodegradable plastic and are 3D printed to feature any colour and pattern you can imagine.


3DTie’s collection isn’t comprised of stiff bits of tie-shaped plastic hanging from your neck. Each of the hi-tech garments consists of over 100 distinct tiles that clip into each for fluid movement that makes them soft enough to be rolled up. They come in two styles, Necktie and Skinny, and can be paired with clip-on knots in Windsor, Holey and Avi styles.


The look ranges from conservative to novelty. Either way, they catch the eye and are almost certain to make people want to reach out and touch… but you won’t catch us wearing one.


It looks great with a dress shirt or a t-shirt,” 3DTie’s blurb claims.
“Wear it to the office, a party, or a red carpet event, you are guaranteed to get noticed!”

Sure thing, but as with any tie that has a “trick”, before long you find them in op shops next to those embarrassingly slim leather ties or wide satin numbers adorned with Marvin The Martian.