This Crazy Life: Gucci Fashion from Our Autumn Issue

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The Spring-Summer 2017 collection from Gucci creative maestro Alessandro Michele was a stunning array of colour, pattern, style and retro references, interpreted and combined here with new pieces from Gucci Timepieces and Jewellery by the Men’s Style team.

Photography Steven Chee
Styling Kim Payne
Grooming Diana Djurdjevski


Him: Gucci jacket, $1,355, turtleneck, $435, and pant, $850; Gucci GG2570 watch, $1, 240. Her: Gucci dress, $3,995, leggings, $1,725, and handbag, $3,275, shoes, $785, jewelled hand cuff, $525, and Rainbow Plexiglas watch, $1,315.
Gucci turtleneck sweater, $435; Gucci Dive watch with tiger motif, $2,000, and lion ring, $355.
Her: Gucci denim jacket with studs, $5,165, shirt, $1,660, black resin and pearl earrings, $460; aged gold ring with black velvet, $415, lion’s head ring, $425 and duffle bag, $2,170. Him: Gucci patched bomber jacket, $7,620, and pants, $850; Gucci Dive watch, $1,315, and ghost bracelet in silver, $280.


Gucci kimono jacket, $3,175; pants, $1,905, shirt, $705, bow tie, $205, and slippers, $1,180; Gucci GG2570 18ct gold watch, $1,760, lion’s head ring with crystal, $425, and lion’s head antique gold and silver rings, $355.


Her: Gucci one-shoulder gown, $5,350, mini Sylvie bag, $2,595, icon rings in 18ct gold and enamel, $2,235 each, feline head ring, $280, 18ct gold and enamel bangles, $2,835 each, Flora 18ct gold necklace, $1,930; Gucci G-Frame Wrap watch, $1,120. Him: Gucci Heritage evening jacket, $3,995, pants, $1,305, shirt, $920, bow tie, $205, pearl ring, $360; Gucci G-Timeless automatic watch, $2,225.


Her: Gucci one-shoulder flounce dress, $5,350, cherry and pearl necklaces, $2,350, Pleixglas studded watch, $1,150. Him: Gucci shirt, $920, and bow tie, $205; ‘Loved’ hand cuff, $465.
Him: Gucci retro jacket, $2,190, turtleneck, $895, and pants, $850; Gucci Dive watch with snake motif, $2,000, silver ghost rings, from $225. Her: Gucci shirt, $2,460, and pants, $1,355; Gucci Dionysus watch, $3,215, silver coin bracelet, $450, and pin cushion ring, $415.