These Lace Shorts For Men Are Now a Thing

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We saw rompers for men break the internet a couple of weeks ago — now these men’s lace shorts are the latest gender-bending garments to spark online debate.

American rapper Cazwell — a 44-year-old New York artist whose ‘hits’ include ‘Unzip Me’, ’The Sex That I Need’, and ‘All Over Your Face’ — Instagrammed the dazzling new outfit from the set of his new music video, posing alongside a four-man entourage that will surely have N.W.A quaking in their boots.

The shorts come in fetching pastel hues of sky blue, lavender, lime, yellow, and bright pink that have the potential to transform you and your mates into a floral set of Power Rangers, and come with matching lace button-down, short-sleeved shirts. The knee-length numbers — styled with bright white belts, socks, Reebok trainers, and a clean pair of tighty whities in the viral Insta post — are the creation of streetwear designer Hoza Rodriguez, owner of LA-based label Hologram City.

The avant-garde streetwear brand has a history of pushing the envelope way before the headline-grabbing RompHim exploded last month, including their very own mesh romper as well as a line of transparent, flesh-flashing tank tops, shorts, and hoodies in white, black, and royal blue. In fact, when ACED Design’s men’s romper swept the interwebz, they lashed out by posting “ROMPERS since 4eva #YallLATE” on Insta, complete with an eye-rolling emoji.

Hologram City has been worn by Miley Cyrus, Zendaya, Fergie, Iggy Azalea, and noticeably fewer male celebs besides Ricky Martin — although all that might change when Cazwell’s music video drops on June 15. Pre-orders for the US$49 (AU$65) shorts are now available, and they’ll be shipped on June 16.

Visit Hologram City’s website or Instagram if you’re keen to inject some lace into your own wardrobe.