The signs it’s time to overhaul your wardrobe

Categories Fashion

Men especially develop emotional collections to certain pieces of clothing but come on, there comes a time…

Your jeans have whiskers

A decade ago you paid good money for a pair of jeans with those unsightly crease marks around the crotch area — but it’s time to retire them if they’re still in rotation. Dark, straight-legged jeans will bring your wardrobe into 2016.

Your sunglasses cost less than $10

A tacky pair of servo sunnies can undermine your entire look by exposing a lack of attention to detail. On the other hand, a timeless pair of quality aviators or wayfarers — or an on-trend tortoiseshell or round-frame design — accessorises your outfit perfectly.


You only wear your suit to weddings and funerals

. . . and you’ve never dry-cleaned it. If it’s worn in the crotch, thin in the pockets and spoiled around the colour, spend some money, bud, on a couple of news ones (so you can rotate them) – there are plenty of compelling two-fer offers around on suits which won’t break the bank.


Your dress shirts look tired

Limp collar, frayed cuffs, a little bit of discolouration under the armpits — sorry mate, it’s time to say goodbye to that trusty old favourite. A billowing fit is another tell-tale sign you need some new button-downs, in a slimmer cut that flatters your figure.


You carry a backpack to the office

If you’re carrying around your MacBook in a bag that predates the dot-com boom, it’s time for an upgrade. A cheap, frayed backpack that came with a showbag at the 1998 Easter Show is the Internet Explorer of the bag world and should be replaced by a quality leather satchel instead.

Your socks have holes in them

. . . and you remember receiving them at Christmas seven years ago in a 10-pair value pack. Time to pull your socks up *groan* with some better quality and more stylish numbers, which can accent your overall outfit with some colour and personality.

You can imagine Jerry Seinfeld wearing your sneakers

Dad bod is one thing . . . but dad jeans paired with a tired pair of white New Balance 622s? No chance.