The Secrets To Good Casual Dressing

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Not being at work is no excuse to drop your overall style game. Just keep these things in mind…

Casual Has Different Levels

Work out how casual you want to look before dressing to go out. There’s very casual – short and thongs and t-shirt; casual – jeans, trainers and a polo; and smart casual, which might be a collared shirt, chinos and loafers but can also – these days – encompass even dressier definitions. Whichever look you’re comfortable, work out whether it’s appropriate for what you’re doing that day (i.e. hanging down the beachfront versus attending a barbecue) and ensure you look tidy and your pieces look… (see next point)


Wore Stories

Modern clothing – in the main – only has a life span of 2.5-3 years. After that, constant washing and drying in the sun will ensure fabrics begin to look worn and frayed. Unfortunately way too many men take no notice of this process and get around in t-shirts and shorts and trousers that have well and truly seen better days. Taking into account your budget, try and ensure your casual wardrobe is primarily composed of pieces you’ve bought in the past year or so, and in this way you’ll always look better presented than a man at a social event who’s still wearing a t-shirt from a Strokes concert in 2005. To do this…


Secure Your Staples

Any casual wardrobe needs to be built around some basics which are good quality and basic colours – dependable anchors of your look. A few t-shirts in black, white and grey, some dress shorts in solid colours (so you can ‘express’ yourself with a colourful shirt, good denim and a couple of pair of chinos, again in neutral or restrained colours. On this platform you can add personality and individuality by…

Accessorise to Style

Shoes, belts, watches, sunglasses, hats, bracelets, rings, etc, are all the things to add to your casual look to add some interest and express your personality. As with any style of dressing, you need to consider colour when adding accessories – that the colour of your belt and watch strap and shoes, for instance, reference each other rather than violently clash. That doesn’t mean they need to match, but they do need to be in the same ballpark.


Shoes, You Lose

What you put on your feet is all important when it comes to a strong casual wear game. There is a time and a place for thongs, flip-flops, sandals and any kind of open-toed footwear. Any of them can immediately make anything else you wear look overly casual, so be sure they’re the right choice depending on what you’re doing. It’s a similar story for trainers. A good pair of loafers is always a good idea in the wardrobe because they are adaptable to both casual and more dressy looks.