The Return of Dappertude

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Some of Australia’s dandiest men met in Melbourne recently for the second ‘Dappertude’ men’s fashion event. Men’s Style spoke to Dappertude founder Johnny Li.

Why did you start Dappertude, Johnny?

The aim is to educate, inspire and allow liked-minded folks to network with a mutual respect for the art of gentlemanly dressing. I had such positive feedback to the event we held in Sydney last year (covered in Men’s Style’s 2016 Classic Edition) that we thought we’d do it again, this time in Australia’s fashion capital, Melbourne.

What happened on the day?

The education segment of the day saw three respected brands present on different aspects of gentlemanly dressing. Nicholas Britton from bespoke suit company George & King shared his three ‘F-words’ for good suits – Fit, Function and Fabric. We had Shira from Gentsac who touched on the importance of grooming such as creams to use and the right razors, and then  myself and Dappertude’s Strategic Director Alan Hong  touched on the origins and history of different accessories… how the pedigree of each were originally aligned to military and political purposes.

Plus you had some of Australia’s men’s fashion blogocracy in attendance?

Yes, a panel of Australia’s best fashion influencers were there to talk about their dress inspirations . Tri.Edition, Steve Tilly and The Young Gent, aka Stephen Kay, all talked about what inspired their styles, how they build their Instagram followings and some trends they foresee in dapper male fashion.

What did those who attended take away from the day?

Networking was very much the glue of the event with brands like Calvin Klein, George & King, Joe Black, Kimshu, The Tie Collective, Bared Footwear and more pread throughout Collins Quarter. We made a great day of it with some hearty laughs, general chit chat and a shared interest in a burgeoning art and lifestyle. With the support of the brands, there were also plenty of giveaways!