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LACOSTE’S Spring-Summer 2017 Collection continues to redefine French chic.

Creative Director Felipe Oliveira Baptista has imagined a tennis match on the rooftop of the modernist Villa Malaparte in Capri in conceiving his Spring-Summer 2017 LACOSTE collection, just presented during New York Fashion Week.

The villa’s ochre and white hues serve as the backdrop to swimming and sunbathing sessions, tanned bodies hitting balls back and forth against a backdrop of pine forests, creeks, and rocky inlets.

Comfort, elegance and sensuality are embodied in the collection. The bathrobes and towels Brigitte Bardot wore in Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt (partly shot at the Villa Malaparte) inspired hooded or shawl-collared bathrobes and terrycloth bustier dresses that are belted high on the waist. The pieces are
user-friendly and functional – chic track suits and loose fleece sweatshirts with sleeves that vanish thanks to a simple set of studs, and whose sides can be unzipped, allowing a breeze to brush the skin. The clothes are modular, reversible, or with retractable sleeves. The fisherman jackets and slickers recall seaside family houses. Bleached by the sun and stiffened by sea spray salt, they have an unmistakable holiday flavour.

Unapologetic in its simplicity and free-spirited, LACOSTE’s Spring-Summer 2017 collection restates French chic and the notion of natural seduction.


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Spring-Summer 2017 LACOSTE