The Five Questions To Ask When You Buy Your Next Suit

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Follow this simple guide and you’ll end up with a suit you’ll love wearing, rather than one that makes you feel totally uncomfortable.

What’s its purpose?

 Is this suit for your brother’s wedding, to wear to the office Monday to Friday, or for the races next Saturday? Are you planning to wear it all year round, or just in summer or winter? Do you intend to wear the pieces separately, like matching the blazer with a different pair of trousers? Understanding the purpose of this new suit will focus your attention on exactly what you’re looking for.

 Which colour should you get?

 Choice of hue all depends on your answer to the first question about the suit’s purpose — versatile grey is the new office wear staple, formal black risks looking like you’re attending a funeral, tan can work but is casual, or navy blue, the signature masculine colour that works in a variety of settings and is therefore the ideal all-rounder.


What’s your budget?

You won’t find anything that deserves to hang anywhere other than a factory outlet bargain bin if you’re working with too tight a budget, but it’s important to know just how much you’re willing to spend. A number of factors affect a suit’s price tag — the fit, material, style and craftsmanship — and it’s worth investing in quality rather than settling for something you’ll be unhappy with in a couple of months.

 Bespoke or off-the-rack?

Your budget will also influence your answer to this question — if you opt for the more affordable off-the-rack option, find a good tailor to improve the fit. But if you’ve paid a little more for a bespoke suit, the investment gives you control over every detail — from the buttons to the notch style to the type of fabric — as well as the perfect fit.


How can you accessorise it?

Reliable leather shoes, watch, belt and tie are all compulsory, but admirers also won’t miss the smaller details — a stylish tie bar, cufflinks and even a flashy pair of socks is the attention to detail that can elevate your suit to the next level. A pocket square is also a neat way of adding a splash of personality to your new suit.

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