The Five Belts Every Man Needs In His Wardrobe

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One each of these will ensure you’re always properly attired when leaving for the day.

Formal black belt

The most formal option in your wardrobe, every man needs a classic black leather belt to thread through any suit trousers with belt loops (tuxedos being the obvious exception). You can splurge on textured leathered but there’s nothing wrong with the one-inch wide, silver-buckled classic that won’t distract from the rest of your outfit.


Formal brown belt

It’s a simple rule worth repeating: if your shoes are black, wear a black belt; if your shoes are brown, wear a brown one — and that’s why owning a formal tan belt is compulsory. Same deal as the formal black option — an inch wide and made of thinner leather — and it’s not hard to find a reversible double-sided belt featuring both colours if you’re trying to save a bit of coin.


Casual belt, leather or otherwise

Either of the first two wouldn’t look out of place on a pair of Levis at the pub on a Saturday evening, so you need a more casual option for when you’re off duty. A casual brown leather belt should be a little wider — 1.5 inches — and made of a thick bridle leather, to take a bit more wear and tear over time. A woven tan belt is another favourite, pairing nicely with a pair of chinos to add some texture to your look.


Suede belt

Another handy belt to have is your arsenal for less formal occasions, suede belts come in all sorts of colours and styles. They typically come with a D-ring and some extra detailing like a fine weave or a patent finish, reinforcing that slightly-less-serious vibe.


Fabric belt

The belt you want with a pair of tailored shorts at a Sunday evening barbecue; a must-have now that the weather’s warming up. Made of canvas or cotton and always fastened by a D-ring, these preppy belts also come in all manner of colours and designs, allowing you to inject some personality into your outfit this summer.