The Eight Pairs of Shoes Every Man Must Own

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A pair of each of these at the bottom of the wardrobe should see you through any occasion.

Black formal shoes

When they say every man needs a good suit, there’s a little asterisk saying ‘and a good pair of dress shoes, too’. Cap-toe black Oxfords are a compulsory companion of a dark suit for the formal moments in life, and make sure they’re always polished — you don’t want a few scuffs to take the shine off your formalwear.



From a Chelsea boot dressed up with a suit or dressed down with blue jeans, to an edgier pair of lace-up Doc Martens coupled with cuffed trousers, there are so many styles of this winter staple that you can use to personalise your outfit.


Desert boots

Suede chukkas aren’t quite the dress brogue you’d wear to the boardroom, and not quite the sneaker you’d wear to a barbecue on a Sunday arvo — they’re a nice mix between casual and formal, perfect with a pair of chinos. Round toe, high ankle, two or three shoelace eyelets — no need for fancy trimmings to steal the limelight from the shoe’s texture.



Another smart-casual staple, loafers are a versatile shoe sure to get plenty of use in Australia’s warm weather. A brown pair of moccasins is perfect for smart-casual summer soirees and complements your summer tan beautifully. A dressier pair can also work with multiple items in your wardrobe, with or without socks.


Plain sneakers

You’ve got to have a reliable all-rounder you can lace up for casual Friday, wear to the pub on Saturday evening, and slip into for a stroll to the shops on Sunday. White low-tops are a good option — but be careful to avoid the dodgy ‘sneans’ vibe pioneered by Jerry Seinfeld in the early ‘90s.


Flashy sneakers

The weekend’s fun, so treat yo’self to a pair of kicks that reflects your personality — some technicolour New Balances or vintage suede Adidas Originals or an eye-catching pair of high-tops that matches your streetwear.


Functional sneakers

Invest in quality runners — light and well-fitting — for exercise, because you don’t want to be slogging away in rivers of sweat ruining your $400 pair of Yeezys.



Coz ‘Straya, mate.