The Dos and Don’ts Of Men Wearing Jewellery

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Five things to remember when considering bling…

1. Don’t Overdo It

Apply the KISS rule – Keep It Simple, Stupid. An excess of jewellery, whether hanging on your chest, enclosing your fingers or draped from your wrists is a total no-no. A watch is an essential gentlemanly accessory, as are cufflinks and a tie-bar. Anything else from here on in is definitely optional. A single bracelet, an ear-stud and two rings – one relationship, the other subtly decorative – are about as much as you can get away with, unless you truly have the flamboyant personality of Jack Sparrow.

Nico Rosberg shows how it’s done for Thomas Sabo.

2.Don’t Mix Metals

Even if you keep your jewellery to the basics above, then you can still come off as a bit garish if your metals clash. So choose your gold, silver, bronze and copper tones so that they’re close to each other visually. These items should be worn so their hues complement each other. The exception is a gold wedding ring, which can be worn with anything as it’s supposed to stand out to draw attention to itself and declare your relationship status.

3. All That Glitters Is… Too Much

There’s a reason that parodies of masculinity often include the idiot with the open shirt and a chest adorned with chunky gold chains and other ephemera. Elegance is key and that rarely means anything that looks like it could anchor a small boat. In a similar vein, if it really attracts the eye in the shop like a shiny object to a magpie then you should back away from the display case. Jewellery is about subtle statement. It’s not about shouting.


4. One Gem Is Enough

Most men can’t get away with wearing rings, earrings or necklaces and bracelets that feature glittering gems. It just comes across as feminine. If that’s your goal, by all means go for it. But if you want to exude traditional masculinity, you’re better off sticking mostly to metals. Each outfit/ensemble is allowed one gem exception – traditionally small and set in a ring or ear-stud – and usually of a less bling-y stone, such as a garnet or turquoise.


5. Leave Out The Leather

Corporates wearing multiple bracelets both metal, fabric and leather with their tailored suits is all the rage in recent times but there is always the risk, particularly with leather cuffs, etc, that they’re to make you look like a try-hard whose head and heart are still in high school. Save such wear for the surf holidays – and even then think twice. Same goes for any sort of tooth, bone or Yin-Yang pendant hanging from leather twine around your neck.