The Craft Secrets Behind Tod’s Limited Edition Leather Jacket

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A unique look at the four steps it takes to create this beautiful Tod’s ‘Pash’ leather jacket.

The ‘made-in-Italy’ ethos that guides all things produced by luxury house Tod’s is evident in this beautiful limited edition lightweight leather jacket released as part of the AW16/ 17 collection for men.

The down jacket in Pash leather features an amazing vintage look and is smooth to the touch, achieved by a wax which is hand-brushed into the leather. It’s a versatile garment which can be worn either to dress up your smart casual look or add that perfect finishing touch to a dressier occasion.

For those who – as we do – like the detail behind the craftsmanship of beautiful objects, we include it here for the Tod’s Pash jacket.

1. A primer is applied on the initial suede (light colour) with a brush as well as on the completed jacket which is then buffered to create a degrade color effect.


2. The jacket is then left to dry naturally for 2-3 hours before oven-dried for 40-50 minutes. This double drying process ensures that the colour fixes onto the leather.


3. Once the double-drying step is complete, a hand polish on localized areas of the jacket is done, followed by further drying.


4. Finally, the jacket is polished with a foot brush to allow for a homogeneous and uniform look, becoming the Pash Leather Quilted Jacket.


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