The Best Way To Care For Your Suits

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You invest hard-earned money in them so it makes sense to ensure their longevity through proper care.

Rotate them

Cycling through a few suits throughout the week gives them a couple of days to air out between each use, if you don’t want to pull a Karl Stefanovic and depend on your one old reliable. It’s especially important to let a suit deodorise if you’ve worn in in a smoky or smelly environment, like a pub, after which it needs a few hours in the fresh air outside. Your rotation of suits will also last longer if you buy an extra pair of trousers with each jacket — the seat of the pant is the first thing to wear out, and it’s a waste to turf a perfectly good jacket if all you need is a replacement pair of trousers.

Hang them

Avoid wire hangers like the plague — they warp the shoulders out of shape — and instead purchase a thick wooden hanger with rounded edges, which both preserves the shape of the shoulder and absorbs moisture after use (and, in cedar’s case, serves as a natural moth repellent). Give your suit plenty of room to breath in an airy wardrobe, and if you’re planning to store it for a long time (like retiring a heavy woollen suit over summer), dry clean it before storage to remove any stains or crumbs before insects have the chance to feast on it.


Clean them

There’s a natural urge to dry clean your suits every week to keep them smelling fresh — but the chemicals in dry cleaning can damage the fibres that make up the fabric and strip years of its life. Of course, take it for a clean if you stain it or if it fails the basic smell test, but in general, a suit doesn’t need to be dry cleaned any more than a couple of times a year. A steam press or even 15 minutes in a steamy bathroom removes wrinkles, a lint brush removes dirt and dust, and a gentle wipe with a damp rag can freshen up any slightly smelly or dirty areas.


And pack them correctly

If you must squeeze your suit into a suitcase for a trip, do it carefully — pop both shoulders inside out, fold them so the lapels touch, then fold it again nice and tight, and wrap your trousers around it. To carry a suit in a covered bag, hang your jacket over a quality wooden hanger then fold the trousers through the rung, with the bottom of the leg reaching the crotch of the pant.