The Basics on a Sports Coat with Jeans

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You can rock this look if you follow some simple advice…

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, smooth style icons like Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford successfully made the sports coat worn with jeans look like the perfect mixture of smart and casual. You can make it work for you, too, if you take a few simple rules as guidance…

1. Stick To The Sports Coat

Tempting though it is, the suit jacket and jeans combination rarely works. Suit jacket material is too light and the design too sleek to provide the necessary contrast you want with jeans. Sports coats are made of more robust cloth with a softer shoulder and slightly bulkier silhouette and will provide the wider upper torso look for a flattering and tapering effect. That said, it’s all about fit. Make sure your sports coat sits squarely on your shoulders. Too big and it’ll look like a sack.



2. Go For Complementary Styling

Ideally you want to dress up your jeans with the sports coat and dress down the sports coat ever so slightly with your jeans. You’re looking for that balance between the two. So torn, faded or baggy jeans are just going to look crappy. This is another reason a suit jacket doesn’t work—even the best and newest of designer jeans won’t look classy enough and will simply raise the question: “Where are your suit trousers?” So go for stylish and slimming jeans, preferably in a darker colour, and pair them with the smartest sports jacket you can afford.

3. Contrast Your Colours

Wear black jeans with a black or navy sports coat and the cool but casual effect you’re trying to achieve will be canceled out. If you want an all-dark ensemble, you’re better with a leather jacket or a bomber. Sports coats with jeans are all about contrast. A sports coat (cotton in summer, tweed or corduroy in winter) in tan, brown, grey or a pattern worn with a lighter-coloured open-collared shirt, dark jeans and brown brogues is a knockout masculine look. You can go the blue jeans with sports jacket route though it risks being a bit too retro and 1970s-esque.


4. Layering Works A Treat

The casual vibe of layering really suits the sports coat and jeans. A V-neck jumper or even a vest with your open-collared shirt will look terrific. Here’s where you can splash out with bolder statement colour, too. Add a pocket square that matches your shirt for an added flourish.