More Stylish Australian Men Of Instagram

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Well dressed local men continue to populate social media in the ongoing menswear revolution in Australia.



Brisbane-Sydney based chap who works in fashion import and export while chronicling a life of suits, separates, coffee and cars. Informally associated with a number of other dapper Aussie chaps such as one of our 2016 Men of Style Mr Sam Wines, with whom he is sometimes photographed.


Very nice account from a Melbourne-based gent with a nice eye for the finer details of mewnswear. His shots reflect a natural way with style which manages to mix tradition and elegance with contemporary pieces.



Adelaide-based blogger who presents “men’s office style inspiration” to help Australian men look sharper in the workplace environment. Part of the Dappertude crowd, who you can read more about in our Classic Edition on sale October 10.



“Wardrobe engineering,  Style influencers, Image Consultancy” goes the Button Brothers Instagram tagline. You’ll also see hats, cigars, sunnies and a Great Gatsby like way with light double-breasted jackets and braces. Palmer, Marvin and Hubert are the gents behind Button Brothers, which represents one of the bolder menswear offerings on social media.


Roberto Malizia brings his Italian background to bear in an on point Melbourne-based account. Tatts, shoes, jackets, great accessories and awesome waistcoats, what more can we say!