Style Guys on Instagram You Actually Want to Follow

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Our semi-occasional round-up of the men displaying nice style chops on Instagram.

Adam Gallagher

Only 25 years old and followed by 1.9 million admirers, the suave New Yorker is one of the world’s best known menswear and lifestyle bloggers.


Lex Mak

A.K.A Mr Gumbatron, the immaculately styled entrepreneur describes himself as a “mens fashion and lifestyle curator”, sharing pics from his homes in Melbourne and Hong Kong.


Johannes Heubl

The sophisticated New York-based German never fails to look dapper in a suit, or something more casual.


Jonathan Daniel Pryce

London-based photographer who treads the globe documenting street style from around the world with his candid, gritty snaps.


Steve Tilly

Want to look a little sharper in the office? This Adelaide-based blogger is your man, with daily tips on how to style and accessorise your suits.



Gianluca Longo

The flamboyant Italian is one of the fashion world’s most in demand stylists and writers.


Jason Andrew

This New York style blogger blends impeccable suits with gritty urban wear, livingby the motto “Live life beautifully. Style is just a vehicle.”