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It’s official: Aussie men love their sporting shoes.

New research from Roy Morgan has found that nearly 800,000 Aussies buy men’s sporting shoes in any given four-week period. The average spend? $108, meaning we’re dropping a whopping $1.12 billion a year on sporting shoes.


The four-week figure represents a substantial jump, from 728,000 in 2014, with Rebel Sport again the most popular store for buying men’s sporting footwear, accounting for 9.2 per cent of all shoppers. Next were Rivers (8.1 per cent) and The Athlete’s Foot (6.3 per cent).


Interestingly, though, The Athlete’s Foot is way out ahead in terms of average spend, with the typical shopper spending $173, followed by Nike ($146), Foot Locker ($140) and Rebel ($133).

Australian men have come a long way since this iconic pair – the glorious KT26 shoe!