Six Ways to Wear a Scarf

Categories Fashion

Experiment with these stylish ways to warm your neck now that the winter chill has set in.

The Drape

Favourite of: men who can’t be bothered actually tying a scarf.

The instruction’s in the name: simply drape the scarf around your neck, leaving equal lengths on both sides. Suits a thin, medium length scarf and milder weather, and looks great tucked beneath the lapels of a suit or a top coat — especially in a playful pattern such as paisley or tartan.


The Toss

Favourite of: gentlemen who like looking like they’ve just made a dramatic exit from a Broadway scene.

Also known as the flip, the toss starts as a drape, before one end is flung over the shoulder for a sartorial flourish. Again, because the scarf isn’t providing much warmth, it can be made of a thinner, more colourful material to add some personality to formalwear.


The Reverse Drape

Favourite of: relaxed winter casual wear.

When the wind really starts whipping in, wrap the scarf around your neck with equal-length tails sitting behind both shoulders. Works best with a longer, textured, thick-knit scarf and less formal winter attire.


The Over Hand

Favourite of: business suits.

Also known as the bib, so no wonder we’ve run with its other name. Imagine you’re tying a necktie, but stop before you complete the knot. Tuck in the long end at the front into your jacket lapels if you’re after a sleek, slightly more formal silhouette.


The Once Around

Favourite of: blokes going for that nonchalant look.

Wrap the scarf around the neck, leaving one end slightly longer than the other for a slightly edgy ‘I ain’t got no time to perfectly tie my scarf’ vibe. Give the scarf another lap of your neck if the it’s particularly long and the weather’s especially chilly.


The Parisian Knot

Favourite of: fashionable Europeans.

Warm, easy to tie, and the most common way to wear a scarf — simply fold the scarf in half then thread the ends trough the loop. The Parisian knot can look chunky with a thick and long scarf, so pair it with a long coat so your upper body doesn’t appear too bulky.