Six Style Sins of Winter

Categories Fashion

It’s the season when you can look super stylish by layering up effectively, but you can also look really, really silly…

No proper jacket

‘It’s not even cold,’ says the guy with frigid nipples so erect they’re almost piercing the T-shirt that’s so inadequately protecting his body from the winter chill. There’s nothing stylish about noticeable discomfort, nor ignoring the myriad stylish jackets you could add to your wardrobe — on-trend military styles like bomber and field jackets, the timeless preppy quilted jacket, or a more formal topcoat or peacoat.

The wrong beanie

Beanies are big in 2017, especially those chunky cuffed woollen numbers with a thick cuff and a textured knit, like the sort of thing you’d expect to see on a sailor or dock worker. Where you can stumble off the stylish path, though, is when you drift into the risky territory of a statement bobble hat, a flaccid slouch beanie, or a winter hat so tight it resembles a prophylactic. Proceed with caution.

Misused hiking gear

You’re tackling a 10-degree winter’s morning, not a two-week trek through the Himalayas — so you can leave the gaudy green-and-purple Goretex jacket that’s wrinkling your business suit at home for the morning commute. If pairing a backpack with formalwear is a cardinal sin, then adding even more backpacking gear to the equation takes the transgression to another level.

Dressing down

Frayed jeans. Tired ugg boots. A moth-eaten hoodie. Cotton tracksuit pants with elastic ankles. Hiking boots worn anywhere other than climbing a mountain. The cold weather isn’t an invitation to wave the white flag when it comes to style, pressing pause until the warmer months allow you to flaunt your finest garb.

Oversized scarf

We’ve all seen that photo of Lenny Kravitz looking like he’s just wandered out of a carpet shop with a piece of merchandise wrapped around his neck. Don’t be like Lenny. Match your choice of scarf with the occasion — a thin cashmere or silk scarf suits your formalwear whereas a knit woollen scarf works better with your casual jacket — and keep everything in proportion.

Ear muffs

You’d sooner let your ears succumb to frostbite than resort to these abominations of fashion.