Six Style Sins of Summer

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Get through the warmest months looking your most stylish by avoiding these fashion faux pas.

Socks and sandals

Unless you’re going for that ’style-blind 70-year-old American cruise ship tourist’ look, then socks and sandals should never be spotted together. A double-strapped Birkenstock or the more casual Havaiana thong are both comfortable, versatile options. And Crocs? No explanation required.


Cargo shorts

A common accompaniment of the socks and sandals combo among the old-age pensioner crowd, this bulky, saggy, unflattering short should have been left behind in the last millennium. Opt instead for a slim-cut tailored short that ends just above the knee — not so low you look like a 1990s teenage skater, nor so high you look like a 1980s footballer.


Sun burn

A head so red it resembles the Japanese flag isn’t a good look, so invest in some good sunscreen as well as some aloe vera to soothe your skin after it catches some sun. An unflattering T-shirt tan is no better, and neither are blotchy patches of burn that make it look like you’ve nodded off next to the pool.


Dodgy fake tan

Fake tan solves the sun burn problem, but it’s extremely dangerous territory — it takes a deft hand to avoid looking like an oversized Oompa Loompa who’s drifted off the set of Willie Wonka. Take your time, spread it evenly to lightly coat your skin, avoid the knees, ankles, feet, elbows and hands, and don’t roll the dice just before a big date.

Follow Men’s Style’s secrets to applying fake tan:


Deep V-necks

We get it, you want to show off your immaculately groomed man cleavage or that fresh piece of ink you got to emulate your favourite bad boy sportsman — but looking like a Jersey Shore resident is a deadly style sin when you should have simply stuck to the classic crew neck instead. See also: skimpy singlets, and anything branded with a South-East Asian beer.


Wrap-around sunglasses

Why anyone would don a pair of shades nicknamed ‘speed dealers’ is a mystery, unless that’s the profession the wearer aspires to. There’s no excuse for those $10 Prada knock-offs you found on sale at a pharmacy six years ago — Aviators and Wayfarers have been stylish favourites forever and a day, and the summer of 2017 is no exception.