Six Of The World’s Most Expensive Shoes

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Start saving now for these finest of footwear options…

1. Edward Greens

Almost completely handmade by a cobbling concern that opened its doors in the last years of the 19th century, these gorgeous shoes have a Swiss calf upper and a double leather sole. Each pair of Edward Greens ship with their own lasted shoe trees, making them shoes for life. Pictured here are the Dark Oak Antique style, priced at approximately $A2100 a pair.


2. Berluti Rapieces Reprises

These exquisite French shoes don’t come off the rack—you order them customised for your feet. Hand-crafted with the finest leather available, they’re sure be a talking point on your next European art-collecting tour. Priced at approximately $US2600 a pair.


3. Stefano Bemer

These gorgeous brogues from Stefano Bemer of Florence, Italy, take an average of three months to make by hand. Crafted from French Box Calf leather, they feature Stefano’s signature deep wing and medallion. Each pair comes with its own lasted shoe tree and wooden box. Priced at approximately $A1700 a pair.


4. Louis Vuitton Maestro Richelieu

This gorgeous reinterpretation of the evening shoe in embroidered sequins says both pizzazz and sophistication. With 90,000 sequins in each pair, the design takes eight hours to make. Priced from $A2880 a pair.


5. Aubercy Diamond Shoes

Since 1935, the French family business has been hand-making some of the world’s most beautiful shoes. But nothing says luxe like this bespoke pair, inlaid with real diamonds. Priced at $US4700 a pair.


6. Tom Ford Diamond Shoes

Okay, so these make the Aubercy Diamond look like your Kmart-bought Dunlop Volleys. A one-off pair created with 14,000 diamonds, these are owned by Nick Cannon, who showed them off when he appeared on America’s Got Talent. The asking price? $US2 million!