Seven Super Men’s Fashion Hacks

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Remember these and you’ll be streets ahead in the style race…

1. The Sit-Down Shirt Test

Want to know if a shirt really fits? Standing in front of the change room mirror with a big lungful of air you’re not going to exhale and a core tighter than a grasshopper’s sphincter isn’t going to do you any favours. You’ve got to breathe our and relax some time and then you’ll feel and see those shirt buttons strain. But even if you’re not trying to suck it in, you can sometimes buy shirts that are too small by overlooking one thing: how the garment fits when you sit down. So take a seat in the change room. If the shirt strains or bunches, that size isn’t for you!


2. Instant Delinter

At the office and see your suit’s collected a lot of lint but forgot to pack your lint roller? Grab the nearest sticky tape dispenser, wrap lashings of the stuff around your fist – with the adhesive side facing out! – and give yourself an all-over pat down. You’ll be clear in a minute. Plus you’ll look like MacGyver to admiring female coworkers.


3. Waist Wisdom

Want to know if a pair of trousers will fit? Do up the button and/or zipper and align the waistband with your forearm. If it’s the same width as the distance from your fist to your elbow then the pants should fit your waist. Sounds like an urban myth but try it out and see if it ain’t true. That said, you’re still better off trying trousers on before you buy them. But this method at least saves you the embarrassment of taking three pairs into a change room only to sheepishly admit you’re too big for them all!


4. Paper Your Shoes

We’ve told you about the benefits of freezing your shoes (placed inside a plastic bag, an overnight freeze will kill odour-causing microbes) but let’s face it: you don’t always want to defrost your Nikes before you go for a run. So another solution for sneaker or shoe stink is to pack them with newspaper at the end of every day. Yesterday’s sporting pages can do more than wrap fish — they can soak up moisture and odour and refresh your joggers.


5. Pencil Your Zipper

Justin Bieber’s continued popularity, the prevalence of fast-food munchers on packed trains, idiots blocking your path because they’re deep into Pokemon Go: these are the only things in life more frustrating than a stuck trouser or jacket zipper. But at least you can rectify the last of these life obstacles. How? Glad you asked! Just take a soft HB, 1B or 2B pencil and gently rub it against the teeth and mouth of the zipper. Oh, behave! It’s not a fetish thing! The pencil’s graphite simply acts as a lubricant. Patience and a gentle touch is needed but it’ll work nine out of 10 times. You may attract some odd looks so maybe don’t do it at the bus stop.


6. Save Your Socks

Are your socks saggy and worn out before their time? It might not be because you have toenails like box cutters or foot sweat that’s the equivalent to the acid blood from Alien. Chances are your socks are dying prematurely because you’re blasting them in the clothes dryer two or three times a week. Give them a longer and softer life simply by letting them air dry. Most socks will dry at room temperature overnight.


7. Vodka-ise Your Clothes

If your clobber’s smelling a bit musty and you haven’t got time for a wash and dry you can try this super hack. Pour some vodka into a spray bottle and give the affected (that is, stinky) clothing areas a light spritz. Allow to air dry and – voila! – no more smell! The alcohol in the vodka kills off most of the nose-offending bacteria and is pure so it doesn’t smell itself. Just don’t go using a flavoured vodka unless you want to smell like vanilla or raspberry.