Seven Deadly Style Sins

Categories Fashion

Keep your fashion sense intact by never making these mistakes.

1. Shiny

Whether it’s a shirt, a suit or simply a pair of sports shorts, you should always shy away from shiny. While it’s eye-catching, it’s eye-catching in the wrong way. It speaks of showing off and, worse, it tends to be unflattering, making you look rounder than you are.


2. Sleazy

This goes with the above. If you wear a shiny dress shirt, you might as well also hang a sign around your neck that reads “sleaze”. Ditto for open-necked efforts showing of your muscly man-cleavage and/or gold chains. Ditch those tight pants. In fact, any sort of wear that could be remotely considered “pimp” should be consigned to incinerator.


3. Slovenly

You can have the best, most stylish and expensive clothes and still look like a slobby idiot if you don’t know how to wear them. Wearing a dress shirt with a suit? Tuck that shirt in. Don’t leave the top buttons unfastened if you’re wearing a tie. Wear your tie at correct length. Wear a belt if your suit pants have belt loops. Don’t tuck a T-shirt in! For God’s sake, don’t go out in clothes that are crumpled, stained or in disrepair.


4. Superfluous

Coco Chanel’s enduring advice to women was to check themselves in the mirror before they left their homes and remove one item of clothing or one accessory. The take-away lesson here is that less is more. Adding too many layers or too many accessories just dilutes your look. This also applies to colours, patterns and textures. Turn it up too loud and people will turn off. Johnny Depp’s pirate look might’ve been popular once. Now he’s just a sad old hobo with apparently pretty extreme personal issues. You risk looking like his Mini-Me is you overdo things.


5. Stinky

This is the olfactory equivalent of looking like a mess. If you’re decked out in your well-fitted finery but someone gets a whiff of BO or the sour smell of old sweat-impregnated clothes then your style game is over. Keep everything clean and fresh. Use a quality washing powder and a fabric softener with a scent that you like. If you can, dry your clothes in a well-ventilated and preferably sunlit spot. Don’t overstuff your wardrobe as it leads to mouldy odours. Air your wardrobe out frequently.

6. Stretched

The number one rule of clothing choice is fit. If it doesn’t fit you shouldn’t commit – to buying, wearing or keeping. Too big and you look ridiculous and like you’re trying to hide a weight problem. Too small and you’ll look like you have a weight problem no matter how fit you are.


7. Smugness

Okay, so you haven’t committed any of the sins above. Good for you. But the last hurdle to get past, you handsome and fashionable bastard, is to not strut around like some peacock who thinks he is God’s gift to womankind. A stylish man doesn’t have to be smug, merely quietly confident.