Seven Deadly Office Style Sins

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Your attire at work reflects on your professional standing… so try and avoid some of these no-no’s when it comes to workwear.

Baggy business shirts

A good fit is the first rule of fashion — so a billowy dress shirt, which is designed to be worn close to the body, is a cardinal sin. Same story at the other end of the tightness spectrum — we get it, dude, you’ve been working out — but if everyone in the office is petrified that one of your buttons is going to ping off and take out an eye, probably time to go a size up.


Backpack with a suit

Carrying your gym gear? Get a stylish duffle bag. Carrying your lap top? Leather man bag. A few files and bits and bobs? An old-school briefcase. At no stage should you sully a suit with a type of bag that should be reserved for school children and budget travel.


Square-toed shoes

There are very few items of clothing that take a great big wad of phlegm and spit in the face of style quite so offensively as square-toed footwear — especially when there are so many other great dress shoes out there to choose from. []


Droopy tie

If you look in the mirror and you resemble Donald Trump with a sagging, oversized tie dangling around your knees, then take it off and try again. A well-tied tie sits just above your belt buckle — not in the President’s preferred position shielding his genitals.


White socks

Sure, they’re comfy — but so are tracksuit pants, and you’re not wearing those to the office. Go ahead and tether your white cotton socks to your runners because working out is the only time you should ever wear them — and certainly not with formal footwear in the office.


Dud wallet

There’s no need to keep that Starbucks loyalty card you haven’t stamped since 2011 and that two-month-old footy ticket in an overstuffed wallet that sits like a brick in your pocket, ruining the sleek silhouette your suit has created.


Being too casual

This is a tricky one — obviously sandals and boardies isn’t going to fly anywhere unless you work in the most relaxed office on the planet, but every workplace has a different dress code. The goal is to avoid being the most underdressed man in the room, which just screams to your boss that you DGAF.