Richie Strahan Dips His Toe Into Fashion

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The Bachelor star chats to Men’s Style about teaming up with WPN., one of Australia’s leading activewear brands that’s passionate about physical and mental health.

How did this relationship with WPN. come about?

I’ve done a few previous collaborations with WPN. after my stint on the Bachelorette, which led to me meeting Dan Jones (co-director and founder) in Perth a few times. Late last year he approached me again to collab, but because it’s a brand that really resonates with me, I was keen to come on board as a business partner instead — and the team at WPN. took me up on my offer.

What appeals about WPN. active wear?

There’s really nothing else like it out there for men at the moment . . . trust me, I know – I’ve been sent the lot! I’m a massive fan of what we’ve done with the Onyx and Momentum shorts. They are so comfortable and useful, whilst still being fashionable and functional. Our singlets are a great blend of being able to give you room to workout and breathe while also being able to transition into a day-to-day top. I’m always wearing the pieces!


You’re not a PT or an athlete, so you know what regular blokes are looking for in activewear?

Yes 100%! I’ve been hitting the gym for nearly 16 years or more and I have a very active lifestyle. I’ve experienced the high and lows and of course the funny moments of learning what works and what doesn’t. I know what frustrations are out there and I believe WPN. is offering guys right now a product which is the solution to a lot of that.

Sasha Mielczarek, Sam Wood, Tim Robards — the Bachelor/Bachelorette is a production line of activewear ambassadors! Has there been any advice or banter between you guys?

I spoke to Sasha about WPN and we had a good chat. We’re really supportive of each other, but I wouldn’t say any advice or banter as of yet, though I’m sure he’ll give me grief about whether or not my chin needs its own garment!

Where does your passion for men’s mental health come from, and how important is exercise and physical wellbeing to mental health?

My passion for men’s mental health comes from seeing good mates, family members, and work colleagues really struggle with a range of mental health issues which stem from a whole range of reasons — it can effect anyone. I really believe that exercise and physical health are extremely important for a healthy mindset. Men are pretty onto it in terms of how to help our physical health, but with mental health a lot of blokes struggle with just speaking out, and knowing how to get help to deal with their problems. I’m really passionate and excited to help tackle this.

Tell us about WPN.’s relationship with the Black Dog Institute?

At WPN. we’ve always strived to build a brand that was more than just activewear. Teaming up with Black Dog Institute to help raise awareness for men’s mental health and suicide prevention has been a major part of that. 510,000 men die from suicide globally each year! That’s a crazy statistic and we believe it has to change. We will now proudly be donating part of the proceeds from every purchase of WPN. wear to Black Dog Institute to really make a difference and help men around the world lead happier, healthier lives.