Revealed: Men’s Biggest Fashion Mistakes

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A new survey says these are the 10 worst mistakes a man can make…

What’s the worst fashion faux pas a fellow can commit?

British department store chain Harvey Nichols wanted to find out and so they commissioned a survey of British men.

And, in news that’s sure to disappoint a lot of middle-aged German tourists, it turns out the ultimate style no-no is…

Wearing socks with sandals.


No surprises there, really.

The next nine sartorial crimes were:

  • Badly fitting clothing.
  • Trousers that are too short.
  • Harry Highpants pants.
  • Shorts that are too short.
  • Loafers, boat shoes or brogues worn without socks (hmm, this rules out a very large number of men judged “fashionable” by street style photographers the world over).
  • White singlets.
  • Skinny jeans.
  • Frayed or ripped jeans.
  • Red trousers.

“Fit” is all important, particularly in suiting.


Most of the men of Milan wear loafers without socks in summer – are they wrong?


Kanye West’s ripped jeans at last week’s Met Gala Ball.


Any there you’re guilty of?

Another others you want to nominate?