Ralph Lauren’s Limited Edition Polo Shirts

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From today through to November, Ralph Lauren will release five exclusive men’s Polo shirts each month… the second one has now been released.

The Ralph Lauren Polo shirt is one of the most popular and iconic pieces of menswear in the world… and now it gets a limited edition.

The first release (bottom) – the Tour Jacket Polo inspired by the customized bomber jackets worn by US soldiers in the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s to commemorate tours of duty in Asia – was released last month, and now the second special edition is available.

The Elk Ridge Polo Shirt is inspired by the great outdoors and the adventure of uncharted terrain, with subtle design details and hand-stitched embroideries that reflect the rugged aesthetic of the Adirondack region. The cross at the chest, executed in three colors, is inspired by American folk art. Two flags at the sleeve nod to Ralph Lauren’s heritage as the quintessential American designer.

It also comes with a collectible hangtag – a meticulously crafted journal depicts a young outdoorsman’s experiences on a trek through the wilderness of northern New York. Eclectic details such as mismatched buttons, bandanna-print trim, mending along the hem, and allover distressing capture the spirit of adventure.

Until November 2017, an exclusive limited edition Polo will be released, each paying homage to the design inspirations of the famous piece, from vintage collegiate and athletic apparel to rustic outdoors wear and utilitarian military design.

Each shirt is packaged in an exclusive mesh drawstring bag with a collectible hangtag that brings to life the inspiration behind each shirt.

Each exclusive shirt in the Limited Edition Polo Collection will be available in limited quantities on RalphLauren.com, in global Polo Ralph Lauren flagship stores from July 2017. The limited edition Polo will be available in David Jones Market St, Sydney from July 13, 2017.