Perfect Match: Suit, Shirt and Tie

Categories Fashion

What are the basic rules on suit-shirt-and-tie combinations? We’re here to help.

Patterned tie, striped shirt
A combination best suited with plain, block colour jackets and fabrics with a minimal texture.


Striped tie, striped shirt
Ensure the tie’s stripes are bolder than the shirt’s. You want the tie to pop, not clash.


Checked shirt, striped jacket
The shirt’s checks and suit’s stripes should be in proportion. Plain tie, please.


Checked jacket, knitted tie
Offset the visual texture of the check with a physical texture in the tie. Plain shirt is best.



Striped jacket, striped shirt
The stripes of your shirt should always be bolder than those of your jacket.



Checked jacket, plain shirt
The more daring the check, the plainer the shirt. Shirt colours should be muted.


Patterned jacket, striped shirt
A fine patterned suit contrasts perfectly with a shirrs stripes. Fine patterns mean business.


Flannel jacket, checked shirt
Checked shirts are under-used but the punchier the shirt’s check the plainer the suit.



Illustrations by Paul Rebec.