Perfect Hat for Melbourne Cup Day

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Planning on hatting up for the Races this Spring Carnival? Takes this advice into account…

Headwear has drifted out of most blokes’ wardrobes since the era when Frank Sinatra would sooner be spotted naked than not wearing his trusty tilted fedora. So for the modern man wanting to wear a hat this Spring Carnival, here’s a few tips:


Pocket squares, cufflinks, tie bars . . . the accessories trend is booming, and hats are no exception. Narrow-brimmed hats are especially popular this season, and although grey felt is sure to be the most popular option at Flemington, a louder colour will help you peacock out from the crowd.


Suit the shape of your head . . .

Broad faces should avoid the narrow brim trend — round heads need to be balanced out with an angular, asymmetrical hat, like something with a pinched crown or a peaked brim. The opposite goes or a square face, which are better suited to soft, round hats. Long face? Consider making a statement with a boater.

. . . and the tone of your skin

The colour of your headwear needs to work with your skin tone. If you’re still working on your summer tan then don’t wear a white Panama, which will only make you look extra pasty — a caramel felt fedora  is a better option.

Felt Fedora.


Mix and match from a range of colours and designs, but stick to this rule: align the colour of the band with the hue of your suit. Black suit? Black band — perhaps on a charcoal trilby. Navy suit? Navy band — which looks striking on a white Panama.

Good fit

Too small and your hat looks like the type of cheap trilby awkward teenagers wear perched on top of their heads. Too big and you look like a sun-smart cricket umpire. A properly fitted hat shouldn’t be so tight that it gives you a headache, nor should it be so loose that it blows away with a gust of wind.

Don’t skimp

Cheap hats are made of plastic, pricier ones (like a genuine Panama hat made of straw, or a quality trilby out of felt) are produced with better material — and it doesn’t take a trained eye to spot the difference. If you’re going out of your way to make a statement with your headgear, shell out to buy from a proper milliner who’ll deliver quality.

Genuine Panama hat.