Men’s Style’s Guide to Melbourne Cup Carnival Dressing

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The Men’s Style Guide to Dress Etiquette at this year’s Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Derby Day, October 29
Derby Day is the occasion for the classic dressers and those with a love of tradition. Black and white is the etiquette, though of course you can take some liberty with, for example, a Prince of Wales check that features a red or blue in the pattern. Accessorise with more checks, spots and stripes to bring some glamour and uniqueness to the look. A blue cornflower is correct etiquette for your lapel, which gives you a colour to play off with your pocket square.


Melbourne Cup Day, November 1
The biggest day of the Carnival has increasingly become an occasion for the bold and sometimes garish to make a statement. The sheer weight of numbers means it’s something of a fashion all-sorts but keep your styling modern, sharp and coherent. For those unsure, we recommend you pick one basic colour and work around it with suitably complementary colours for tie and pocket square. A yellow rose on the lapel, please.


Oaks Day, November 3
Traditionally the Carnival’s Ladies Day, if you’re single or you just like the fairer sex looking at you, Oaks Day is the time to make a real effort. You could start with navy or grey as your base and add accessories to achieve a bold and eye-catching look. A dash of pink – your shirt, tie or pocket square – always attracts the eye of a woman, which fits nicely with the pink rose traditionally worn on the lapel on this race day.


Stakes Day, November 5
The final day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, Stakes Day is a more relaxed affair where you can free yourself from some of the more traditional codes of the racing season’s other days. Having said that, a classic suit in a traditional colour with a bolder shirt and/or tie combination and a complementary pocket hanky will ensure you can’t go wrong, style-wise. Wear a red rose in your lapel to mark the day.


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