Men of Style: Jason Statham

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The bald British badass turns 48 today — and to celebrate, we cast our eye over five Statham style signatures.


Or, more to the point, the lack of it. Jason Statham is a chrome-domed beacon of hope for every bloke whose hairline is retreating faster than a Frenchman on a battlefield, illustrating precisely how you should tackle hair loss head on: with a close shave of whatever’s left and a DGAF attitude. And if a man with less hair than your 85-year-old grandfather can lock down Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whitely, there’s certainly no excuse for the rest of us.


Tight facial hair is the trend du jour but few men can pull it off quite like Statham, whose solid stubble accentuates his square, granite-hard jaw. He mightn’t be blessed with flowing locks up top but there’s no shortage of facial fuzz — that thick coverage is integral to a quality five o’clock shadow — which Statham maintains at 2-3mm (the same length as his hair). Subtle sideburns, as well as that tight all-over shave, contribute to the tough-as-teak gangster look he’s built a career on.


Statham’s trademark ‘Glance at me funny and I’ll snap your neck in three places’ vibe is enhanced by his love of shades — particularly Ray Bans, such as the classic aviators as Lee Christmas in The Expendables, or the tortoiseshell wayfarers he regularly rocks on the red carpet. Those round frames nicely complement Statham’s wide cheekbones and chiselled, angular jaw.


The black Armani suit he wore in The Transporter is Statham’s finest on-screen formal ensemble, but he goes okay on the red carpet, too — even if he is usually overshadowed by his better half. As you’d expect from such a no-frills operator, Statham sticks to simplicity when it comes to formalwear — he’s a particular fan of shades of grey and rarely departs from failsafe white and powder blue shirts, often with an open neck and seldom with anything other than a neutral block-coloured tie.

Off duty

Statham’s casual wear doesn’t get much fancier, depending on dark denim jeans or chinos with sleek, simple tees or polos that show off arms that look they’ve been ripped right off Michelangelo’s David. The timelessly masculine leather jacket he was snapped wearing in New York last year was a particular streetwear highlight, while he’s also fond of a smart pair of suede trainers for that football hooligan-chic look.