Limited Edition Tuxes Inspired by Rolls Royce

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Sydney tailors The Bespoke Corner join with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Sydney for an exclusive line of tuxedos.

Former Men’s Style Men Of Style listee Miles Wharton and his The Bespoke Corner business partner Rami Mikhael have expanded their Sydney tailoring business into the super-luxury sphere with an exclusive, limited edition set of tuxedos inspired by Rolls-Royce.

“The Rolls-Royce brand is iconic not just for its motor cars but for a unique, contemporary luxury lifestyle,” Wharton tells Men’s Style. “Aficionados of the marque often talk about the cars akin to ‘different jackets for different occasions’. It is a rare privilege to be able to work with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Sydney to produce a unique, contemporary collection of ‘made to measure’ tuxedos for its customers.”

To match the exacting standards of the Rolls-Royce brand, The Bespoke Corner tuxes will be constructed from the finest materials and deliver via a personal, 24/7 fitting service for Rolls-Royce customers. Two of the launch suits include the “Starlight” Tuxedo, inspired by the Starlight headliner on a Rolls-Royce where delicate fibre optic strands in the roof of Ghost or Wraith cars mimic the brightness of stars, adjustable to suit the mood of a customer; and the “Classic Velvet Plum” Tuxedo, derived from the rich palette of Rolls-Royce colours where customers have 44,000 bespoke choices.

Rami Mikhael (left) and Miles Wharton (right ) of The Bespoke Corner.

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