Kalashnikov’s AK-47: The Menswear Line

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You’ve seen their guns in the hands of movie bad guys for decades. But now the Kalashnikov Concern is diversifying from making AK-47s and moving into men’s fashion.

The company, which makes 95 per cent of all Russia’s small arms, is set to produce a “professional clothing line” under the copyright-baiting brand “CK”.

CK will feature military-style casual clothing and accessories that will be sold through 60 dedicated fashion stores across Russia.
The company recently revealed its CK logo and damn if it doesn’t remind us a bit of Calvin Klein.

Apparently, the graphic symbolises the Cyrillic letters for Kalashnikov Concern.

“Kalashnikov is a global brand and we rightly believe that clothing and souvenir products with our symbol will be in demand among buyers,” said Vladimir Dmitriyev, Kalashnikov’s marketing director. “Such giants as Caterpillar and Ferrari make 10 percent of their profit by merely producing their own branded clothes.”

The move is seen as a response to dwindling profits and the effects of sanctions. CK products are expected to be available by the end of 2016.